Friday, February 21, 2014

The Bull Rider and the Bare Boycotter by Jeanine McAdam

Logan gets some reactions to Rachel at the wrong time, "she even pulled herself up to look over the first row as her dust-covered breast brushed against Logan's cheek. If they were anywhere else, "anywhere" being the operative word, Logan would have been hard as a cattle prod under his chaps." Then man sure is flirty, "hold on there, girlie," he protested. "I was ten years old, the cat got out just fine and I've got lots of other scars for you to touch." He took her hand and put it on his upper thigh." And he's an impatient boy, "I'll rip them off if you don't drop them to the floor right now," Logan threatened. He already had a condom in his hand and was unbuckling his wide belt. "I've wanted you for so damn long, I can't wait another moment." He pushed his jeans down." I mean the man is desperate when it comes to this girl, "please don't stop having sex with me," he begged, "no matter what happens the next three days." He gets excited over the strangest of thing, "this is great." He did a little dance while pulling a gallon of banana-chocolate-chip out of the freezer. "I get to have no-holds-sex with a beautiful woman and I don't have to wrap the cracker." He chuckled. "I wish I could tell everybody I know about his, starting with my idiot brother Caleb." 

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