Friday, February 21, 2014

Against her Rules by Victoria Barbour

Elsie when the girl is tired and cranky, she well has an attitude, "your lodgings tonight is up that hill," she pointed, "in that house, in the room which I showed you earlier today. Tomorrow this can be your lodgings, and tomorrow I will show them to you, if you need me to. But right now my foot is aching. I'm hungry, and I'm clearly cranky. And I'm never cranky. So this is not the best time for me to be showing you anything." I mean Campbell is a natural born flirt, "so you think I'm normally charming, when I'm not fishing for compliments?" Elsie has no qualms about checking the boy out either, "his jeans which didn't look that tihgt when he was upright, stretched taut over his firm butt. It was a thing of beauty. Reluctantly she pulled her gaze from his read-end and laid the basket on the counter." Campbell sure knows how to give a girl a compliment, "I do't know what I want to do first when we get inside," he said, caressing her read as they walked. "I'm a fan of these jeans, by the way." 

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