Friday, February 21, 2014

Callum by Melissa Schroeder

I do believe Callum has met his match in Phoebe, "turning on her heel, she started off in the wrong direction. He reached her in two steps, grabbing hold of her elbow. She stopped, he back bumping against his front. Every nerve in his body went on alert. His co** twitched." She is the type of girl who surprises Callum at every turn, "no. I punched him." She waited a beat. "Then I threatened to castrate him if I ever saw him again." He couldn't stop the laugh that escaped. It was hard to believe this woman would be able to hurt anyone, especially a grown man." The boy is built and has no qualms of flashing that around, "he tore at his clothes until he was standing in front of her completely nude. Lord, the man would never cease to amaze her. Sinewy muscle encased with the most amazing golden skin. How did he get every inch of himself to look like he walked around in the sun naked? His erection jutted out a drop of his pre-come wetting the head." I can't wait for the other men in this series to get their own book. 

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