Friday, February 21, 2014

Romance Impossible by Melanie Marchande

Maxwell that boy is something else, "this will probably surprise you," he said. "But on the scale of head chefs, I'm actually not that hard to work for. If you're eager, if you're passionate, and above all, if you listen to effing directions -" Here, he briefly grinned again " - we'll get along just fine. And you come highly recommended." Jillian she's a good person, she brings Maxwell some things to feel better, "I brought you some things," I said, shoving the bag towards him. "I just...Lydia said nobody checked on you, so I wanted to make sure you were okay." And Maxwell that boy is just so damn charming, "shhh," he whispered, punctuating it with a flick of his thumb that sent a shock of pleasure up my spine. "The neighbors will hear, love." This book was alright it wasn't what I thought it would be. 

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