Friday, February 21, 2014

On the Rocks by Sawyer Bennett

Hunter has some naughty visions about Gabby, "she's starred in many of my fantasies I've had while in my shower jacking off, and just the thought of that causes a stirring down in my pants." He's cocky, "what?" I taunt her. "Kiss the eff out of me again? You wanted it... you enjoyed it. Accept it." He's humorous, "yes, Gabs. Sex, effing, making love, getting you off, getting me off. I don't care what we call it, but I want to keep seeing you." He's very forthcoming as well, "because I want to eff you right now, and I don't have a damn condom on me. Plus, I don't want anything between us. I want to feel you against me." He has to make her behave sometimes, "I push back against him, wiggling in closer. "Stop doing that," he growls in my ear. "Someone's at the door and I don't want to have to answer it with a hard-on." I can't wait for Brody's story. 

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