Friday, February 21, 2014

Sex, Lies, & Sweet Tea by Kris Calvert

I love me some hot, southern men, and some hot southern books, and Sam better be taking Polly's advice on how to get to her man, "nothing else, just get your business waxed off and you'll be ready," Polly mused. 'And a mani-pedi wouldn't hurt. So tell me about him. Is he man-tastic?" And Sam has the southern charm both with and without Mac, "southern ladies always let their men win, no matter what," she teased and walked ahead." And she can be bold when need be, "if I'm allowed to talk about anything with you, then I want to talk about that you didn't wear a condom," Samantha said, sitting up looking down at me, her long hair filling the space between us." And Mac he's always a naughty boy where Sam is concerned, "you're right, I'm not," I said, lying back in the bed and gripping myself. "I'm getting all excited thinking about the prospect of you talking dirty to me." Miss Ceila always has advice for Mac, "you listen here. I don't know what y'all do up in Washington D.C, but in Shadeland, Alabama, you take your date home. You don't let her slink off early the next morning." I like how bold Sam gets the more her and Mac are together, "sweet lord," mumbled Samantha, coming in closer, kissing me and grabbing my bare a**." And she's really into giving compliments, "that's pretty impressive," Sam remarked, staring at my post orgasmic, semi-hard penis." 

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