Friday, February 28, 2014

Deep Blue by Jules Barnad

I loved this book I loved how jealous Cali got, "I lean all the way to the side and that's when I see Jaeger - talking to a petite brunette. She's wearing a tiny red bikini and smiling at him. The dread from a moment ago vanishes, and my stomach tightens, chest burning. Who's that? Jaeger looks over and our eyes meet. My breath catches and suddenly my heart's humming like he wasn't just talking to another girl, igniting jealousy." And you don't mess with his girl because the boy will go all ape sh** on you, "it's her home and she asked you to leave," Jaeger says. "Get. The eff. Out!" He steps back and drapes a long arm over my shoulders, pulling me close. My heart slows, my breathing calms." Cali is an impatient one especially when it comes to the naughty and Jaeger doesn't get his clothes off fast enough, "damn it! His pants are still on. I flip open the snap and push down with my feet. My knees drop to the side and his fat tip rubs my entrance. I squeeze his a**. He's huge and silky and I want him inside." 

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