Sunday, February 23, 2014

Can't Shake You by Molly McLain

Josh he doesn't like other men touching his girl, "he hadn't planned on going all friggin' caveman about the situation, but something ugly and possessive took over the moment he saw Carissa in his friend's arms and his suspicions were confirmed."  I mean sometimes you just have to lay it all out on the table to move past things, "do you think," he began, his jaw set and his voice low and deliberate, "it was easy for me to come home and see my best friend all over the last woman I'd been with?" Sh narrowed her eyes, her spite egging him on. "Or better yet, to shake his hand and pretend I didn't know how effing beautiful his new girlfriend looked when she came?" And good Lord, Carissa knows how to get this man's blood pumping, "she gasped and trembled in his arms, involuntarily bouncing against his throbbing co** and damn near making his eyes roll back in his head. "Jesus, woman," he growled." He gets offended easily especially over his skills, "not nice to laugh at a guy less than ten seconds after sex, babe," he muttered, falling back down against the blanket." And let's not start on the jealousy issues he has, "hey, you might've just stirred up a hornets' nest. Who knows? I may go absolutely nympho now, throwing myself at every man I see." With that, he slid his hand to her a** and jerked her body tight against his. He leaned up and glared at her, but said nothing. He was pretty sure his pi**ed expression covered his feelings on the matter." And he appreciate his girl's assets, "skimpy shorts, that provided a very nice, tempting view of the curvy lower part of her cheeks. He stifled a groan of appreciation. God, he loved this woman's a**." 

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