Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reeling in the Redneck by Lindsey Brookes

I loved this damn book! I loved Skeeter, "but what hooked my attention and reeled it in was the lime green halter top she was wearing. Cute lower in front than anything I'd ever seen Randi Lynn in. Too damn ow. It displayed the soft, fleshy curves of them perfectly lit - tle breasts of hers. "You leave somethin' at home?" I muttered with a frown. And Randi Lynn that girl has some damn good comebacks, "she glanced down, a smile sliding across her face. "Seems your lower half ain't got any complaints 'bout what I'm wearin' tonight." She lifted a challenging gaze to mine, daring me to deny it." And the boy gets offended when he might have or have not remembered something, "Randi Lynn's having seen my co** aroused or not, weren't something I woulda forgotten. No way in hell." The boy is just a temptation, "cause I'm feelin' a little too tempted to do somethin' other than talk lookin' up at you from this angle. You been dressin' like that in New York?" I can't wait to see what this series has to bring. 

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