Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fight to the Finish by Jeanette Murray

Kara really amused me I liked seeing her get all flustered when around Graham, “you look ready. You looked amazing.” She blinked as his eyes darkened. “I mean, your boxing. You know, your . . . bam. Pow.” I really liked Graham he was a straight up kind of guy and I loved his playfulness, “I mean, if you wanna throw in some of that making out . . .” He held his hands up in a what can you do? gesture. “I won’t deny you. I doubt I could deny you anything.” I really can't blame Kara for losing her train of thought where Graham is concerned, “thank you for dinner,” she began, turning to find him walking behind her. His jeans were only half buttoned, and he hadn’t put on a shirt. He was still barefoot. She was going to go into a coma. A hot guy coma. “I-I-uh . . . thank you.” I liked this book Graham was a great guy.

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