Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Consequence of Seduction by Racehl Van Dyken

Reid, how do I describe Reid? He's just as crazy, and looney as his brother Max, I say this in a good way people but he is bats*** cray cray and his thoughts tend to run on the more carnal side, "her legs wrapped around my waist and suddenly she was kissing me on the mouth , then hopping down before my body had time to register that the gorgeous woman had all but pressed her goodies against mine. “You’re the best!” Wait! My body tightened. I should at least get sex out of the deal, right?" I'm thinking that Jordan doesn't mind the selection of Reid's underwear, "He winked, dropping his pants to the ground, then tossing them in the corner. Well, just another thing to be amazed about. The man didn’t wear boxers. Or briefs. Or anything. “So you never wear underwear?” I enjoyed this book these boys can be mental in the head but you couldn't help but love them.

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