Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rodeo by Tess Oliver

Saylor gets all excited watching her man ride, I have to say I'd get all excited too, “I’ve got to admit, I’m feeling pretty hot from watching you ride.” I slid my hands beneath his jersey. His skin was still damp from sweat, and it only made me hotter as I smoothed my palm over his moist skin." I loved that Rodeo was always wanting to be with his woman, “yes, but if I come pick you up and bring you back here we can do stuff, and by stuff I mean effing until we fall asleep. Then I can wake up completely energized for work.” Rodeo is like the perfect boyfriend, he's so damn sweet, “stop, baby, we’re together now, and I could give a ***t about the money. I just need you. That’s all I know. I need you.” I enjoyed this book I loved Rodeo.

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