Saturday, November 21, 2015

Slide by T. Gephart


Rusty is a very sweet man, raw on the outside of course but his actions are sweet, “your ***t.” He annunciated slowly, probably because I was still doing the deer-in-headlights thing. “My house is pretty decked out so if you have furniture we’ll have to store it in my basement. Other stuff can just go in your room.” A high Alison is an entertaining one, “Rusty, can we have sex? I’m really, really horny.” Her hand grabbed at my crotch and yanked at my ***k..." Seriously she was a hoot, “god, I love you,” she blurted out as she flipped onto her back. “Love you so much. And your p***s. I really love him too.” I loved Rusty and this book.

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