Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Steel Boys Box set by MJ Fields


It was great seeing her get a story throughout all the boys stories she was a lovable and very memorable character.
Jase is possessive or protective of Carly, I mean I would be too, "well she isn't your girlfriend," Jase glared at him, "So it's none of your fu..." They love to tease each other and for Jase well that situation gets a little 'hard', "it's not funny. S*** is getting really tight down there. Buttons are going to fly." And Carly she appreciates his endowments, "he was hung, like really hung, that beautiful thing. Hung. Not just laid there - it effing hung!" Carly has a temper and well Jase is the one that gets it, "leave! Just leave!" He looked surprised which pissed me off," What am I supposed to be happy? This is effed up. I really just wish you hadn't come at all. There you have it. Is that what you are waiting for me to be pi**ed Jase? Do you want me to hit you like she did? I am not her! Just go!" Jase he's really possessive of his girl even when his brothers are concerned probably more so, "as I told them when I walked out and found them passing the panties, you're mine. They sniffed once and if they do it again I'll cut them when they are asleep." Jase is just so hot you can't help but love him, "Eff Carly," he pulled out of my mouth, and I caught his piercing between my teeth and he stopped, "you gonna let go of that?" I shook my head no, "So now you're going to drag me around by my c*** AND my heart?" I'm excited for the rest of the boys's stories.
Cyrus is a little harsher than Jase but the man does things out of love he just doesn't know how to show that love properly, "I paid for half an hour with you. I don't expect s*** from you, but I do expect you to tell me if something my shop did is hurting you. If it's infected Birdie you need someone to check it out." Sometimes he's a man that's all bark and does it for good reason and has Tara's best interests at heart, "I couldn't let go, I wouldn't," No Birdie, you cry damn it. Just effing cry." Cyrus isn't a man with romance in his body he's more for bluntness and showness, "I think you're effing gorgeous, so I'm gonna work on not wanting to bang you, and you're gonna work on ugly alright?" I liked Cyrus just not as much as Jase.
Zandor is by far my favorite of all the Steel boys! He's so damn honest, "cleaning the coffee pot." I was, too, probably for longer than necessary but I had ti*s on the brain, "And thinking of ti*s." Zandor the boy has some interesting reactions, "oh my God. I was in a damn thong and tank! No wonder he was checking me out. I quickly grabbed my robe and threw it over my body. That poor man. "I'll wait while you shower." I swear I heard a growl escape his chest when he left my room." I love how Bekah and him react to each other when they're together:
                    I smirked and stepped back. "It's a co** diet." 
                    He swallowed hard and stood frozen. I had just done to him what he did to me earlier. I walked around him and smacked his a**. "Nice chat." 
Zandor he's just so fun, "oh I see, I'm embarrassing you. Okay fine I'll even the score." I had no idea what he was talking about. "Hey everyone, I rubbed one off in the shower!" Some of these conversation Bekah and Zandor have are just pure entertainment, "I'm normally very well groomed." She scrunched her eyes shut. My little Kitten had hair. No one had hair anymore. I kind of liked the idea of it." He also likes to tell his girl his likes, "sh**! When we get back, you're going on the pill. I've never ridden bareback before and this is so good, so effing good!" 
Oh Xavier I want to have your babies. Taelyn and Xavier have the strangest conversations:
           "Your pen** is on google and you're not worried about that?" she gasped.
           "Why? Does it look small?"
I mean he is gentleman enough to give her fair warning on some things, "my di** is hard. I swear to God one more word I'm gonna come in my pants. Please, I am asking you as nice as I know how Irish, shut the eff up and go to sleep." I mean I love the chemistry these two have:
             There was a knock on the door. I rolled her off me and jumped up to answer it. "Xavier. Pants." She giggled.
             "It's not office hours." I grabbed a pillow and covered myself.
I mean the boy is just whipped, "just motrin, regular sized tampax and maxi pads with wings." "Sit still." I got out of the vehicle and walked in the store on a mission to make the pu**y I was obsessed with feel better." That is just so darned sweet of him. I loved Xavier I'm said that all the brothers are taken an all their stories have been told maybe for Christmas MJ will do a holiday novella.
There were two little novellas included in the box set I loved them I always love novellas that have favorite characters we get to see how they're doing.

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