Sunday, September 20, 2015

Vikings Untamed by Various Authors


Viking Claimed by Kate Pearce:
Aki is a sexy man, "his smile was just for her. “I do not mind, but if you continue to do so, I fear my interest will become obvious to everyone.” Her gaze slid lower to his low-slung, black workout pants and the thrust of his erection tenting the fabric." He's a considerate man, “aye. If you still wish me to. We will take it more carefully. Are you certain that you don’t wish to discuss our mating further?”He frowned. “I am honored that you have chosen me as the first male to share your bed.”
Bound by the Viking by Anne Marsh:
Colden is one possessive man, "my bear got right on board with the possessiveness too, trying to shift right through my skin. “Yeah,” I growled, feeling my bear rise toward the surface. “Mine.” I enjoyed this story Colden is one tempting man.
Viking Desire by Crystal Jordan:
Thor's reassurance isn't really reassuring, “that’s not…” He blew out a breath. “If I wanted you dead, woman, I would have left you there to drown.” Thor can be sensitive at times,  “I can and I do. You can feel however you want, but I’ll be damned if anyone tells me how to feel. I’m a grown a** man, and I’ve been around long enough to know my own mind. If I tell you I love you, I effing mean it.” I really enjoyed this story I fell in love with Thor.
Viking's Pride by Holley Trent:
Will is just one sexy man, “I wanted to show you what I think of the twenty-three-year-old Erin Peterson. A grown woman with the most tantalizing a** I’ve seen in ages. I like those pants, by the way.” Will has manners and I loved it, “I’m not trying to do any particular thing. You’re my lady, and I really need to touch you right now. Please.” I really enjoyed this story.
The Wild Fen by Dayna Hart:
A girl sometimes needs to show her man how serious she really is, “Fen, I take it back. I don’t want you to go away. I want you close. Very close. Starting right now.” She fists her hand in my shirt and drags me near, and my lips meet hers." I think this was the shortest story in the anthology, I liked it Fen knew how to please his woman.
A Most Wanted Viking by Sela Carsen:
Andrews he's quite the flirty guy, “good. Neither do I. I think we should talk about us. About the way you’ve been winding me up all day.” Andrew doesn't like others seeing what's his, "her hand snaked out of the blanket, the movement baring her shoulder and the top of her breast. He pulled the blanket up, but couldn’t resist cupping the weight of her in his palm briefly. “These truly are spectacular. And mine. I’m not too keen on sharing, if you don’t mind.” I really liked this story Ule was kick***, she was strong and independent.
A Viking's Bride by Zoe YorK:
Aldric is really attractive and he can say the sweetest things, “I think,” he finally said roughly, wrapping his hands around her wrists. “If you crawl into my lap, we’re going to do a lot more than kiss. And I’m never going to let you go." Aldric finds amusement in his woman's attitude and sometimes that's a hot thing, “no, that’s exactly what you mean. And that’s okay. I approve of this possessiveness. It’s hot.” She growled at him. That was hot, too." I enjoyed this story.

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