Thursday, September 17, 2015

Flirting with Fire by Kate Meader

When first meeting Kinsey, Luke is not a shy guy, “well, I just got off my shift and I have forty-eight hours free ahead of me . Usually I sleep the first twelve, but if you need me sooner, sweetheart, I suppose I can rework my schedule.” Luke was very swoon worthy, he knew what to say to make his woman feel better, “goes both ways,” he said, his grin twinkly and dangerous. “That little outburst considerably improved your odds of getting lucky with me. How’s the hand?” Jesus I want a Luke to take care of me, “wait until tomorrow, baby.” He nuzzled along the line of her jaw, his lips igniting volcanic heat across her skin. “Today, let this man take care of you the way you need.” His hands kneaded her rear in a way that made her mindless with desire." I really loved this book, Luke was my man, he was so sexy.

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