Monday, September 21, 2015

WANT by Emma Rider


Ryland is one territorial man, “what’d you say about my woman?” growled Ryland, his face red, completely losing his cool and ignoring the guy who was slapping the floor repeatedly." His woman getting in a catfight turns him on, "his lip quirked, his eyes hooded. “I was going to jump in, then you got the upper hand. Totally hot, babe.” I huffed in irritation. He was aroused? Seriously." Ryland may not be a romantic guy with romantic words but his words can still get you all tingly, “when I exhaust you, you’re sweet. Next time we argue, all I have to do is pound the anger out of you. Then you’ll turn sweet.” I fell in love with this book Ryland was bad*** but he had a sweet side that only his woman could bring out.

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