Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bang by Joanna Blake


Trent is a well-endowed man, and Lexi's first time seeing that well-endowment makes Trent have some interesting thoughts, "yes, Lexi. This is just a garden variety boner.   If the garden was on steroids. “I apologize. You…do things to me.” Her mouth snapped shut. She was looking at me, not at my ***k. Which I have to admit, was a first. Usually people stared." Trent takes care of his women and by women I mean Lexi and her sister he's just a sweet guy when it comes to Lexi's sister, "in the end I bought a whole set. A locket with room for a photo inside. A bracelet with a simple heart charm. And a gold ring with a small diamond in it. I didn’t want Charlotte to feel left out." I liked this book Trent was a good guy once he got his head removed from his butt.

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