Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beyond Promise by Karice Bolton

There are times a woman has to do what a woman has to do, and putting an idea in a man's head making him think it was his idea sometimes needs to be done, “maybe that tortilla soup you make, babe. Might be a little better for the moment,” Ayden called over from the couch. Mission accomplished." Of course Ayden remembers the naughty things his woman tells him, “forever in my debt? And something about taking advantage of me if there wasn’t a nurses’ station outside in the hall.” His brow arched. “I’m sure the girls would love to hear what you were whispering to your comatose fiancĂ©.” How can you not love Ayden, “the subject of us. In our suite.” He looked at his phone. “In twenty minutes. Naked.” It was great seeing all the characters again I've missed them a lot I love their adventures.

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