Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sugar Baby Beautiful by J.J. McAvoy

Theo (his real name is Theodore  it I don't want to always spell it out) is interesting and entertaining, fell in love with him right off, “it looks like I’m going to have to financially care for you just to make sure you have time for me,” he replied." Theo he tries to be the gentlemen but when you got temptation sitting in front of you it's hard and ladies I mean that figuratively and literally, "he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him. My eyes widened as his bulge throbbed against me. “That’s why,” he answered, his hands wondering down to grab a handful of my a** before working their way up the length of my body. “I tried to be good, but you kept tempting me.” When Theo talks it's really sexy, “I’m not just going to eff you and let you run away from me again,” he whispered, kissing up my neck to my ear." I loved this book, I love all of JJ's book it's a one click for me when a new book comes out.

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