Thursday, July 23, 2015

Deal Breakers by Laura Lee

Riley is learning a whole lot about his four year old son, it's all new to him, "my jaw drops. “How do I not know this? I’m a guy! I don’t remember being obsessed with my junk until I was at least thirteen.” Riley he likes to make sure his girl knows he appreciates her assets, "I follow her gaze. “Boobs are boobs, Devyn. Big or small, I love them all.” She looks up and catches me staring at her chest." Their son Nathan was such a joy he made me laugh so hard, “Unca’ Drew bought me some big boy underpants but they made my wiener feel funny so Momma said to go put on my regular underpants but I couldn’t find ‘em so now I’m not wearing any underpants! Unca’ Drew says that when you run out of underpants on laundry day, you just have to go free-balling!” I loved this book the characters were lovable, the content and light hearted it was a great read.

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