Wednesday, July 8, 2015

City in Ruins by R.K. Ryals

*****************************MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*******************

Like the last book Cadeyrn and Stone's situation killed me unwanted them to choose different and the beginning of this book seeing Cadeyrn with his wife did me in I really wanted that to be Stone. I'm not sure if I'm falling in love with Cadeyrn, I mean he's no Kye but at least he's trying to follow his heart, “for you,” he insisted. “I’m doing this for you. Damn protocol, and I won’t leave you or a child of mine unprotected. You understand?” The ending was alright I wasn't quite sure where two characters stood with each other and that's really all I cared about, hopefully Regina will release a novella and we'll know. Great ending to a great series.

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