Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Maybe Matt's Miracle by Tammy Falkner

Matt is such a sweetheart, "his voice is deep and soft when he responds. “I’ve been thinking about you all morning.” He shrugs, looking a little sheepish. “So I figured I’d drop by. I totally understand if you’re too busy, though.” He looks into my eyes. “I might cry if you send me away, but I’ll go.” Matt's woman can get a tad bit bossy, “why on earth would I stay over if you’re going to sleep with Sam?” I squeak. I shove his chest. “If I stay over, you’re sleeping with me.” Matt is not a shy boy, “I don’t. I’d like them more if you took them off, though.” He’s wearing nothing but his boxers now, and he shoves those down, too, and kicks them across the room. His ***k bobs like it wants my attention. I grin. I can’t help it." I love the men in this series and their men.

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