Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ding Dong! Is She Dead? & Death By Poison by Alathia Paris Morgan

I don't think Allie really likes to have a helping hand especially from Justin at times, “just so you know Justin, I will manage to get into your truck all by myself next time. There will no need for your ‘assistance’.” Allie proclaimed with embarrassment as she realized he had firmly cupped her butt to assist her into the truck." Justin really was a sweetheart, “I can take care of that problem. Taking you on a date I mean, the offer is still good.” Justin grinned as he realized Allie was not upset at the idea of moving in with him." I liked this book, there was humor and romance, and mystery.

I know it's not supposed to be entertaining but seriously a drunk Mark, "carefully stepping down, he didn’t see the kitten at the bottom. Stepping on it, the poor thing let out a horrible screech. Mark reached down and picked up the little thing, holding it to his chest he stroked it trying to calm it down. “It’s okay kitten. I didn’t mean to step on you. Will you be alright?” He held it cradled in his hand while stroking its fur with his other. “I don’t think anything is broken.” More humor, mayhem and romance in book two Mark was quite the character I liked this book.

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