Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Closer You Come by Gena Showalter

Brook Lynn may not act like it at times but the girl is sensitive, "he’d left. He’d really left. Without telling her about his plans for the evening. Without tasting the food she’d slaved over. Without commenting on all her hard work." Jesse he knows how to give compliments, "he relaxed. “Honey, if you flash someone in public, you’re likely to start a riot.” It's totally apparent that he would do anything for his girl, "Come back,” she begged, reaching for him. She heard a soft curse before he shucked his shirt and pants and climbed in beside her, surrounding her with his heat once again. She snuggled close..." I enjoyed seeing the more caring side of Jase because the boy gave me whiplash at times with his hot and Cole act, "why are you tossing and turning, honey?” he asked. “If anyone should have trouble sleeping, it’s me.” True. The bed was only a full, and Jase’s feet hung over the edge." This is totally not about the book but the guy on the cover reminds me of Stephen Moyer from Trueblood. I loved this book and I can't wait for more in the series.

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