Monday, March 23, 2015

Hate F*@k: Part Two by Ainsley Booth

We are seeing a different side of Cole honestly I'm liking this side so much more than the other side, "another long, pregnant pause. “When it comes to you, I’m a stupid man." I don't really think Cole is good with the after sex care of women but he learns with Hailey and I liked that a man can change for the right woman but getting there was an interesting journey, "he nods, not looking at me. “I didn’t use a condom. I’m sorry. If you need something..." Hailey is protecting her heart so the girl sometimes comes off as a b**** but she's slowly learning to trust Cole, "my period’s due later this week. You really should schedule your break-ins in advance.” He bites my belly and I squeal. “You know,” I continue, more breathlessly this time. “To avoid inconveniences." I really like the person Cole is starting to become when it comes to Hailey, "that’s effed up shit, right there. You don’t understand why a guy would bring you ice cream when you’re having your period." I'm anxiously awaiting part three I can't wait to see how this ends.

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