Monday, March 23, 2015

Undercover by Kasey Millstead

Woo baby Roman has a naughty side, "makes me effing hard as a rock when you call me baby. Say it again,” he demands." He has a demanding presence and he's bossy, "he holds me firmer and repeats, “Roman. You call me Roman when I’m fucking you." He lays down the law which honestly I think men need to do so us some don't get confused on s***, "One.” He reaches over and strokes a finger through my wet, soft flesh.  “This is my pu**y.  No one else gets to taste it, touch it, or eff it.”  His voice is edgy, determined, stern.  “Two.  You are my woman.  No one gets to touch you, eff you, or taste you, except me." I loved that he took care of what's his, "I gave you that money so you could buy yourself some new shoes. I’m a man, and I take care of my woman. That was me takin’ care of my woman." He's a manly man he's not afraid to go whether other men are scared to go, "I toss in the first packet of tampons I see when I walk past that shelf. I don’t know if it is coming up to that time of the month for Willa, but just in case it is, then she will be covered." I loved this book and I can't wait to see how Rad turns out.

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