Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Master by Kresley Cole

Maxim he sometimes makes hasty decisions but can change his mind at the drop of a hat, "perhaps I was...hasty," he said. "stay for a drink." Cat our girl is affectionate as a kitten, "I patted his a**, sighing. "not bad, Maxim." With a half.frown/half scowl, he withdrew, revealing a condom filled with more semen than I'd ever seen." I'd say he's got some powerful swimmers. He can start off angry and then when he sees his woman, his mind forgets what he was saying, "you're late," he snapped when he answered. "You said nine..." He trailed off as he raked his gaze over my body. "Eff. Me." Sometimes his woman turns him on so much the boy has issues doing regular things, "you try changing with a raging c***stand," he said, his voice husky. "Those pants of yours aren't even fair." Cat she's not afraid to ask her man for what she needs, "it's your own fault for looking so hot in that suit," I told him, my nails digging into his shoulders. "When your woman needs it, she needs it. We'll be quick." I enjoyed this book so damn much and I want Dimitri's book next. 

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