Thursday, February 19, 2015

Delayed Offsides by Shey Stahl

I enjoyed Leo's story so much more than Evan's probably because Leo is like a lovable bear, with the goofiest side. I mean he's cocky, "oh yeah, I could. That's why Callie dances with me. I dance good, eff even better and play hockey the best." He's one of those men who doesn't take well to his 'member' being called a clam, "are you effin' shi**in' me? My d*** don't look like that!" I pointed to the screen. "It's effin' black on the end!" He goes to the lengths of whipping that bad boy out to give Evan a close look, these boys have no shame:
          "Does that look like a goddamn clam, a**hole?" 
         He wouldn't even look, refused to. "You're going to put your d*** back in your pants and pay to have my car detailed or I will punch you in the effin' d*** right now." 
Callie she's a feisty one, she sometimes has to tell her man what's going to happen, "no." She gave me a look of complete disbelief. "I shaved my effing legs, wore effing lingerie under this dress and no panties. No effing panties, Leo. We're going back to your place." Leo to say he's unconventional is an understatement, "what's with you? You ask me to move in after sex and now you ask me to marry you while we're having sex?" I loved this book, I loved Leo he was a boob at times but you just wanted to gobble him up.  

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