Thursday, February 26, 2015

Seth by Tess Oliver

Seth that boy is different from his brothers he's not that aggressive or alpha but he had a wicked sense of humor, "uh, let's see. I'll sleep till effing noon and then I'll get up and scratch my a** and then I'll go plant myself out there to watch the bikini parade. Oh, and I'll be sure to think of you toiling away in your welder's mask while I do it." Noelle she was cute you couldn't help but love her, "her mouth dropped open. "We're going to see baby animals?" she asked excitedly. "I love baby animals." Seth sometimes takes his humor a little to far, "I can't kiss you, Noelle. And it's your fault." She pulled back slightly, but I pulled her back toward me and smiled. "You should have told them 'no onions'." Seth I enjoyed him, I mean his story, it was different from his brothers. 

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