Thursday, February 26, 2015

Night's Blaze Part 1-4 by Donna Grant

Rhys is protective, "you'll no' have to fear him again, Lily," Rhys vowed." Warrick that boy always is pointing out the obvious, "that's a no then," Warrick said with a twist of his lips. "Why even bother coming to the meetings if you are no' going to pay attention?" It was a slow start on part one I'm hoping it'll pick up in part 2. 
Now the ball is starting to roll where Rhys and Lily are concerned you see more playfulness and their attraction is starting to come out more, "you look very handsome," she said, her words soft, encouraging. "I've never seen you in a suit." Kellan sometimes had to well not remind Rhys but get him back in the moment, "Rhys?" Kellan interjected. "Are you going to let Lily order a drink or hold her arm all night?" Rhys he's not ashamed to mention the other women he's slept with, "Rhys shrugged. "I have my reasons. When I take a woman to my bed, it's either too dark for her to see, or I take her from behind." Boy is not bashful.
The playfulness is still there in this installment, but they're relationship is slowly changing but I focused on the playfulness because that's what amused me the most:
 "You can't be walking around naked," she said. "What will the hotel staff think?"
   He winked at her. "They'll think you're a verra lucky lass."
I love it when his accent comes out it's really sexy.  
We see Rhys enraged in this one and it's effing sexy, "enraged. The dragon inside him thundered for retribution, bellowed for justice at having his mate torn from him." Overall when all the parts are put together I enjoyed this book. 

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