Friday, February 20, 2015

Caedmon Wolves (Volume One) by Amber Ella Monroe, Ambrielle Kirk

Caedmon Wolves Book One
Devin he's really caring and sweet, and caring, "he caressed her hand as it lay against his skin. "Rest. You've been up all evening in the kitchen." He's not afraid to let his girl know what's going on, "my wolf wants to claim you as his own." I loved the dirty and passionate side he had for his girl, "you will need to hold on tight, because I'm going to eff you good and hard." I think I'm going to enjoy this series. 
Caedmon Wolves Book Two
Nick I loved, he was a more show then tell kind of man, "let me give you a hint." Nick grabbed her hips and pulled her forward. She bit her lip as her center pressed firmly against his rock hard evidence of desire." Selene she was strong in her own way but there was some reservations she had, "I know what will happen," she said, wringing her hands in her lap. "I'll return home and never hear from you again. You have no intentions of contacting me after I'm gone, do you?" Once the boy removes his head from his butt things got a rolling with him and his woman, "yes. Just like that," he hissed, holding her about the waist. "Offer yourself to me." With each book I'm falling more and more in love with this series. 
Caedmon Wolves Book Three
Jayson he's demanding his presence would/might scare the crap out of people. "look at me when you're effing me, Arianna." He has a great soft side for his woman though he'd do anything to make her happy, "I don't have full-time servants," he said, kicking the door closed. "I like my privacy, now and then, but if you would like them-" Jayson's book was okay I mean I was expecting something more from him I'm not sure what I was expecting maybe just a more demanding presence then what he had 

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