Thursday, February 19, 2015

East by Lizzy Ford

After how West ended I was to say the least a little pee-peed off at Lizzy but she redeemed herself when she introduced us to Batu. I fell in love with him and was eagerly wanting our girl and him to do the nasty and get it on and all that other fun stuff. The ending though I hate to say I was expecting it but it still hurt just the same, dammit Lizzy why can't UGH! Anyway I loved the banter and the easiness with Josie and Batu:
        "You were going to swim with no clothes but a crown," he observed.
         "I like the crown." 
        "It suits you." He flicked the pearl on my forehead with a forefinger. "Every goddess should wear a crown."
I mean the teasing was cute and I enjoyed it:
         "Sold me?" I repeated, startled. "Were you shopping around?" 
        He turned his horse away before I could glimpse his face. "I had several offers." 
I enjoyed this book but Lizzy killed me with the ending. 

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