Friday, February 20, 2015

Get Lucky by V.A

As most people who know me know when I read and write reviews for anthologies I like to do them a little differently than everyone else and write something about each story in the book some I liked, others I loved, and then one I kinda was eh about. 

Walking the Line by Nicola Marsh:
Finn has that certain sex appeal going on, "I looked him up and down, wishing I hadn't. Lean legs, zero abdominal body fat, decent pecs and biceps a girl could grip onto while riding him all night long., That observation was so not helping." Finn he's a honest boy and isn't bashful about what he wants, "I want you. Naked and hot and panting for me." His sense of humor is borderline perverted,  "I pointed at my groin. "you seem to enjoy the benefits of my toy just fine." I liked this book at times the age difference I wouldn't say ticked me off well that's not true every time Finn's woman brought it up she upset me, but I'm not used to reading books where the woman is older then her man it's generally the other way around. 
Amazed by You by Kelsey Browning:
This was one of the ones I LOVED out of this boxset. Cody he was a doll and his thoughts were entertaining and not innocent, "she stepped closer. "Cody, about the arbor?" Eff the arbor. The only thing on his mind right now was kissing this woman mindless." His compliments are unusual but still effective, especially when it's the way his woman smells, "you do realize it was years before I could smell oranges without getting a boner, right?" There was a statue scene and that made this story for me it was the highlight I think, "kinda wondering if she-" he lifted his chin toward the statue "-would be embarrassed if I hoisted you up on her lap and effed you silly." This was a cute second chance romance. 
One Little Kiss by Robin Covington:
This was the other story that I loved in this boxset, I wanted more I didn't want it to end. Jonas he's very blunt, "I want to kiss you again and smudge all your lipstick. I want to see it ring my c*** when you suck me off and I want it to stain my skin and the sheets as I drown myself in you." As I said I wanted more of this story I wasn't happy when it ended. 
Big, Bad Red by Avery Flynn:
Liam he goes with his emotions, "with her soft lips on his, all the blood drained from Liam's brain straight to his c***." He's protective and wants to give anyone a a**-kicking that hurts his woman, "who?" He needed the name as much as he needed oxygen because that person was going to pay. Dearly."  This was alright it ended in a cliffhanger wasn't expecting that. 
Luck of the Irish by Sara Humphreys:
This one I sort of wanted more I wanted to know what happens next, Maggie that girl is something else, "that's it? You come flying out of my mirror, accuse me of coming to kill you and then get, shall we say personal with me in my bed and end of story?" This storyline intrigued me and it was about a damn leprechaun to boot I'm not used to leprechaun stories I want more. 
Something Borrowed by Kimberly Kincaid:
I love Kimberly's stories I do but this one didn't really get my blood going as her others do. I mean Sully he's cute and asks questions to make sure he understands what his girl is coming from, "the shock kicking through Sully's pulse turned quickly to desire. "Are you asking me if I want to have sex with you for the next three days?" 

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