Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Jaguar's Touch by Lacey Thorn

Each book gets better and better as the series goes on and I think our boy Tah has some competition in the alpha attitude department, Vic that girl will kick anyone's a** ten ways to Sunday if they cross her. She's pretty bossy in the bedroom as well, "eat it or move your a** up and slam that c*** deep inside me. I don't effing care. Just make me come." I wasn't expecting as much playfulness between Gideon and Vic but it was always there, "his hand smacked her smartly on the a**. "Be quiet, hellcat, before someone else comes out to delay us." I'm thinking Gideon has his own meaning of 'hanging out', "just going over this," he said. "And there's nothing I'd rather do than spend the evening..." His gaze dipped to her breasts. "hanging out with you." I really liked this book and am anticipating more. 

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