Saturday, February 21, 2015

Innocent Ride by Chelsea Camaron

Rex sure has some power of his girl especially when his girl isn't paying attention, "Lux, you gonna let me in, or are you gonna stand half-naked in your hallway?" he retorts as my eyes follow his gaze to see that my robe has slide open, exposing my right breast down beyond my nipple." He's not shy either, "blushing looks good on you, Lux." He smirks at me, causing me to blush further. "You know, I would look even better on you, in you, and all over you," he adds without hesitation." He sometimes has to clarify things with his girl because she often times gives mix signals, "depends, Lux, you comin' on my fingers, my face, and my d***, or are we playing tea party inside?" Rex doesn't really do affection, that's not true he does affection in a Rex way, "his head drops to my neck, sucking harshly, as his hands come around and cup my a**." I liked this book Rex he's one of those men you don't argue with, and Caroline just doesn't like to follow orders so it made for a great story. 

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