Thursday, November 27, 2014

Reaching Lily by Vivacia K Ahwen

Dorian was just a weird fellow for me, "you can touch it, should you wish." His voice dropped to a purr. I reached up and pulled. A curious blend of silky and stiff filled my hand. "Now you can release me," Dorian holder said. He brushed my hand away. "You have a fine grip, Ms. Dewitt." I loved Lily she knows how to drive her man bonkers:
       "Then I probably shouldn't tell you that I've been playing with my nipples the entire time we've been talking." Wow. Where did that come from? 
       "Jesus, Lily!" There was another loud honk. "I've got to get off."
Dorian he really is a tough nut to crack even at the end of the book he wasn't cracked, "Lily, I have another meeting in ten minutes. Don't make me walk in with a hard-on." Dorian is an intense guy but I guess he's honest, "I've just been aching to hold you and I'm a bit out of sorts. Had to keep trying to fight off hard-ons all day at the office." I'm not sure if the ending was a cliffhanger..I'm not sure if they're even a couple? This book sometimes had confusing aspects like the state of their relationship. 

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