Friday, November 28, 2014

True Blue by Jules Barnard

Tyler that boy knows he's good looking, "movement down below has me fighting an adjustment. Eff. Maybe walking around without a shirt first thing in the morning isn't such a great idea. Mira is still a beautiful woman, and that little eye linger sent the wrong signals to my body - which is primed for release this morning..." Mira I don't think she realizes the effect she has on Tyler, "Mira bends over in a slim off-white skirt. "Can you see my underwear through this?" She has the perfect a**. Like, literally, the most well-formed a** I've ever seen. Round but firm, curvy but proportional. I'd like to grab that backside she'd pointed in my face and nip it with my teeth." Tyler doesn't know after sex etiquette, "Tyler ties off the condom and puts on his clothes. All his clothes. As if he's not returning to bed. A fist clenches in my chest, but I don't say anything. I am frozen in fear." He also knows how to destroy property, "Mira grabs her torn undies, tucked partway beneath the couch from last night, and holds them up. "These were my favorite." Tyler he's such a man at times, "hmm," Tyler says. "I wouldn't mind seeing you with my baby in your belly." I look up, my eyes wide. His lips graze my ear. "When we're read.y But we'll be married by then." I liked this book I'm glad Tyler finally got his head out of his a**. 

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