Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dragon Her Back by Susannah Scott

Darius he is seriously a great guy, "your choice, whatever you want. I'll even go see one of those chick flicks everyone is talking about." Mei and Darius know how to have fun and get their workout in, "best workout ever." Darius sat next to her and rested his back against the soft mat. She laughed and fumbled to put on her bra." Need to use your imaginations for that scene ladies (winks). When dancing one must always allow your man to lead, "the proper distance is about a foot apart. You put your hand on my shoulder, and I get the pleasure of putting my hand..." His palm wandered down her backside and tiny tingles of pleasure followed. He cupped her butt..." I enjoyed this book I liked how Darius was dedicated and wouldn't give up. 

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