Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jamesburg Shifters Vol. 1 by Lynn Red

So Erik he does things to the ladies, "I turned to see Erik's bright gold eyes flash. When he does that little thing with his eyes, it makes all my girl parts clench." He's not modest about it, "oh," he shook his dark hair from side to side and smiled at me, flashing his dimples and his eyes. "Sorry, didn't mean to do any charming." The boy has loads of sex appeal, "the way you were lookig at me with those side-eyes of yours, I could hardly control myself. I didn't give a s*** about anything going on in there for at least half the day. I've been thinking about this since lunch." Izzy has a temper on her, "so, what," I said pulling my dress together enough to keep it from falling open in the middle of everything. "We just keep pretending this isn't real? We just keep on acting like I'm your...what, your booty-call or something?" Erik really does have a one track mind, "nothing matters," he said. "Eff the town, to hell with everything else. All I want - all I need - is right here."
Violet sure is a curious little thing, "do you...trim your arm hair?" I asked him as my hand ran along his muscled forearm. "You don't have very much for a bear." Ash that boy sure knows how to woo a lady, "shut up and kiss me," Crag said. Then he did the work for me. "I saw you in the crowd tonight, and I couldn't take my eyes off you. Almost got plastered in that last match. Didn't you notice that?" I mean when he's in the mood he's all for his lady and everything about him changes, "Ash's gorgeous brown eyes had taken on a golden-yellow hue as the hair sprouting out of his arms got thicker and harder. "You bring it out in me," he groaned, leaning is head back against the floor and clenching his jaws. "You and...no one...else." I liked this book I didn't love it but I liked it, I loved how all alpha Ash was that's what gets my juices going now and days is all these hot alphas. 
Rex I loved him he was a fun bear, "as good as those burgers are, there's something else I have in mind." He gave me a quick, almost impossible to see smile, and a wink." He's not afraid to say how he feels even though the boy almost blurts out anything that comes to his mind, "I....yeah, sure, what the hell. Saves me having to hunt you down and claim you for my own." I also found that he gives great advice, "good," he said, between hungry, sucking kissing on her neck. "Sometimes we have to let the beasts out to play, or they get all pent up and angry." I really liked this one I'm finding out not only are wolves and cats my favorite shifters because they're cuddly but bears can be just as cuddly.
Sadly this one was kind of a let down for me I had high hopes for it too, well I always have high hopes for books it's in my nature to have high hopes for books. Orion just didn't have that 'wow' factor I like to have in my shifters, sexy and smooth talking yes, "what I'm saying," he said, "is that I'll wait, if that's what it takes. But you better be ready for me to chase you, too." Sadly with Orion lacking in my wow factor he only gets four stars. 

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