Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Unwrapped by Maisey Yates

Sarah was quirky and her logic was always top notch, "I find it less awkward when you kiss me. Which means maybe we should head that direction rather than conversing." Our boy Walker can be harsh, "are you really brushing me off? As if I have....tons of vacant space in my life? I wanted a eff, babe, that's it, and I got it. There's no reason to talk about it again." I mean his words hurt me and I didn't even sleep with the man, "you can't stay the night though. If that's a problem...well, I don't see why is should be. It didn't bother you last time." When things were good between these two they were good, they were easygoing and well almost fun when Walker let's his guard down, "he laughed, each note of it punctuated by a puff of frozen air. "I'm glad you found my pe*** enjoyable." Overall this book was a quick, entertaining read and I'm finding each book I read by Maisey to be more and more enjoyable than the last. 

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