Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven

It's nice to know Ethan knows how to hold himself back, "hey, you were the one sniffing me and kissing my neck and grinding youself on my...well...on me. If I wasn't such a gentleman, we probably would have effed right there in front of all our classmates." He's also the one that likes to be the supportive friend, "well, considering you're horny and drunk, I'd really like to be within groping distance. Failing that, I just want to talk. I got your email." A sick Ethan is well like a little kid, "horny." He moves his hand higher, then warm fingertips stroke my side. "Want you." When Cassie hasn't had sex with her man in days the girl is like a lunatic, "I circle my hips. "Stop talking. Lamp's not important. Getting naked is." I really enjoyed this book I wasn't expecting a cliffhanger so I'm eager to see what happens.

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