Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Then Came You by Jill Shalvis

Our boy Wyatt is a little saucy, "sweetness, that wasn't a date." His voice went a little dry. "But yeah, I found you so irresistible in Reno that I hired a PI, got your last name and when your internship would be, and then applied to the same place to have a job as your supervisor all in order to continue having sex with you." He's quite the jokester as well and I loved that about him, "you mean when you had your wild way with me in my truck?" Emily can sometimes be a little airhead and can send wrong text messages to people, "Wyatt stood there hold his phone, his eyes lit with a good amount of trouble and even more heat. Oh God. She looked down at her phone, squinting past the bright sun. Yep. She texted him instead of Sara." He can be very overwhelming but I found it interesting, "you sure about that?" he asked. "Because it feels pretty effing real when I'm buried inside you." Sometimes Wyatt's err member has a mind of it's own, "she couldn't help it. The 'thing' poking her had gotten bigger. "That's not the blanket, is it?" I really loved this book this is one of my favorite series. 

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