Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Good Girl Gone Plaid by Shelli Stevens

Even after all the years they've been apart Ian still holds strong feelings for Sarah and you know that boy cares, "no. She's been in an accident." Everything inside Ian turned to ice, and his chest went impossibly tight to where he could barely speak." He's a very blunt boy, "I'm not asking you to suck me off. Though I sure as hell wouldn't protest if you tried. It's just a kiss." He's always eager to please his lady, "aye. Hell yeah, he did. "Thought you'd never ask, doll." He slipped into the bathroom with her, already semi-hard again at the thought of taking her in the shower." He's also a thinker that may or may not overthink things, "her slowly drawled words had him pausing their meaning sinking in. No protection? And she was okay with the risk? His mind quickened. Did that mean she was staying on the island? Wanted a future with him?" I really loved this book and loved Ian.

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