Monday, September 22, 2014

The Rental by Rebecca Berto

Vee that girl is attracted to Rick not that I blame her, "Rick turned, focusing his attention on the washer. I wiped the laundry bench and cupboard and mopped the floor, trying to concentrate on the mop end and not Rick's a** or his body bent over the machine." Rick is, Jesus that boy is just sexy, "I haven't stopped thinking about Friday. All of it," he said, and put his hands on the sides of my stool. his fingers caressed my butt as he pulled me close between his knees. "Not the moment I laid eyes, the kiss, or what I said." He's also really bossy, "he felt my tenseness and lift his face from my pu**y, one hand wiping his lips clean. "I'm preparing you. I want it to hurt as little as possible. Come for me, and throw that damn pillow over your face because your arm won't cut it this time." This was a different type of story from Rebecca's other books and I really enjoyed it I'm looking forward to the next book. I was pleased with how this one ended with the option for more of a story later if she decided to write one.

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