Monday, September 22, 2014

Indestructible by Angela Graham

All I can is that Jax needs to get his story shared ASAP! He seriously stole the show in this book, and I was paying more attention to him than Logan and Cassie. Don't get me wrong Logan had some hot, strong, panty wetting moments in the book, but Jax is well Jax. Logan, I thought it was hot about how protective and pi**ed he can get at people for not saying or doing the right thing for his girl, "you're damn right you will. My family has a long-standing relationship with the district attorney. I won't let this case fall through the cracks of a backwoods buddy system." I also think I want a little novella with Caleb and Hilary, because like Jax I was more into those two than the actual story of Cassie and Logan. I'm glad they got the ending they deserved but I want more from the three characters that stole my attention.

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