Monday, September 22, 2014

Kissed by Moonlight by Adrianne Brooks

Gabriel that boy sure is protective, "someone shot up my apartment." He made a dangerous, unhappy sound in the back of his throat and I tried to appear very small in my seat. "I'm not taking you home," he snapped. His tone was bossy enough that it raised my own hackles." Gabriel he's just too cute at times, "I could hear the shrug in his voice. "You know. Whatever it is that women use to survive from day to day. Girl things." He's also very animalistic at times which I freakin' loved, "calm down," he laughed, reaching down to grab me by the shirt collar and pulling me to my feet. "I'll fix it." Shoving me against the wall, he stepped into me and lowered his head, voice rumbling like thunder. "Make it all better." Nose brushing against my neck." I didn't really like the story but I loved the characters so for me this was an alright read.

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