Saturday, September 27, 2014

Frostbitten by Heather Peck

What drew me to the book was the cover it's so pretty and I had to read it. Frost he was adorable, "I want to ask you something," Frost muttered, while slowly running his fingers along the side of Anastasia's face in a slightly nervous manner. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I mean the boy is suave, "how else did you expect to cover so much ground in so little time?" he asked with a devilish smile, right before wrapping Anastasia in his arms and kissing her with a deep, almost hunger-like desire." He also has a way with calming his woman down, "shh..." Frost whispered, while stroking her hair. "I'm sure it's nothing, and to stop you from worrying needlessly maybe I can take your mind somewhere else." Appearing nervous, Frost leaned forward and kissed Anastasia." I really did love this book. 

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