Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Trainer by Shey Stahl

Seriously Shey a cliffhanger, WHY!?!?! Destry he can be a bit of an a** but it makes him all the more appealing, "yeah, what the hell do you want to accomplish? You want to lose weight? Want to wear the matching outfits, what? Danny said you needed to lose weight but I'm not seeing it." Even when Tallan thinks she's been sneaky enough she hasn't Destry catches her, "he shrugged and dumped the bucket in my bath. "So what? You saw me naked on Monday, in the shower, yes?" I mean our boy doesn't beat around the bush on things, "bulls***. You've wanted to have sex with me since you saw me in the shower." He moved closer, our chest in line, blinking once but then finding my eyes again. "Have you ever been effed?" I need the next book like yesterday Shey. 

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