Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pierced by Sydney Landon

Holy cliffhanger! I loved Lucian he was funny, "let me help you with that. I've never been stabbed at dinner before, and I don't want to start now." He pulls my plate closer to his and begins cutting the steak into small pieces." He's blunt, "his eyes are glittering in the darkness. "Baby, if I wanted to have you fired, I would. I want to eff you, but not when you're being paid to be my date." I mean he's horny like all the time and I loved it, "unable to resist, my eyes lower to his crotch and the impressive tent there, he isn't lying, I am getting to him. He clears his throat, and I look up to find him smirking knowingly at me. "That's right, baby; when I get back, you'll suck that, too, so get some rest." I mean he just wants his girl to be as blunt as him, "baby, unless there's something I'm unaware of, I don't think we need to 'kill off evidence'." He jumps to his feet smacking my a** on his way by. "You want to be effed in the pool, just tell me. No need to make up all these excuses." I can't wait for the next book. 

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